The ideas and input from you guys is fantastic.
Really looking forward to us building this event as a club.


Can’t wait to see what the committee come up with :sunglasses: One thing though Jensen I know it may seem big to you but there is no way we are going to all fit in Lilliput and as for that sulvanian thing them rabbits look vicious to me



Took me a while :persevere: :joy:


Hopefully that’ll give me enough time to get the project running too hehe - can bring both cars then


I’m definitely up for it. But hope to get to a few more meets before then, for practice and all.
Not worried where it is, I will be there.
Agree indoor would be best.



I like it. Awsome idea Jensen. I want to be present on that.


Just want to point out this idea started in a telephone conversation with @jerry_SC
We had lots of discussions and ideas before it got to the stage of passing it to the club.


Would deffo be up for that , bit of a journey for me but would like to bring the car , had set a target to have her perfect by 2021 but I guess that’s just been moved forward .
BTW is there anyone else from Ireland on here?


i`ve just sighed up to join this forum but haven’t actually got a GTO yet and all the comments about cars not working is really making me want to invest in one :joy: but looking foward to getting one so i can come to this event. Donington park could be a good place to hold it