With our cars approaching 30years since they first went into production the club would like to mark the occasion.

GTOUK would like to make the 30 YEAR ANNIVERSARY one to remember!

We are starting plans on a really special one off event. We would love to hear any ideas you guys have.


The aim is to celebrate 30 years of the Mitsubishi GTO/3000Gt/Dodge Stealth all at once.
The plan would be to hold this in 2020, we know a small number of cars first sold very late in 1989, but 2020 will give us the time needed to put this event together, and will be in that 30 year window.
Also all internet data shows first production as 1990.

It will also give car owners plenty of time to plan to be there.

This event would be hosted by GTOUK.
We would be organising the event for all owners/appreciators of our cars, not just members of the club.
The aim is to make this an event to remember and celebrate our 30th anniversary on the largest scale we can manage.

We would need to promote this hard across all areas of social media to get a big number of cars, this event will never happen if we only have 4, 5 or 6 cars there.

We are looking for people to come from all corners of the UK and Ireland, hopefully some from Europe and anywhere else if people want with or without their cars.

We will need to decide a venue, somewhere central. And bring this to the attention of Mitsubishi UK, the Car mags and anyone we can think of to build this event.
We also need to think of cost, and if a 1, 2 or 3 day event would be best/possible?

It will mean a long journey for some but wherever the venue is this is unavoidable, and it will be just once in a lifetime.

We want to create a program of events such as history of all the models, best modified, etc.

This would be a totally unique event, never to be repeated and if we do it and you can only make one event, make it this one.

So we want our members starting to flag up that they are seriously up for this. We want to hear your thoughts, any ideas you have. Your input is key here so we can plan the event around what you the owners would want.

GTOUK organising this event for all will really show what a great club we have, and open the doors to potential new members.

Lets hope we can create a big event to celebrate our great cars 30th ANNIVERSARY, meet some new people, and see an awesome display of cars.


All going well my car will be back on the road by then, a weekend show with camping would be good. :grin:


Hi jensen,
It’s a great idea and I’m defo up for this one for sure if me and my baby are still alive!!!
If the event is going to be central ie Midlands how about maybe arranging mallory Park race track as part of it maybe like a track day(run what you bring or as slow as you want)also maybe a carcade trip etc.could maybe contact mitsubishi UK regarding the idea who knows they might help/fund or sponsor something towards it(merchandise, media etc)
Just my initial thought for now
Maybe gsxrkid could give us 50% off on orders that a placed on that day!!!:rofl:
Jerry :grinning:
This is exciting


Dave might of got another one by then :rofl::rofl::rofl:


How on earth is Jerry going to get 9 cars there ???

Mind you with 9 cars he could be the meet :rofl:


Great input Jerry
We contacted Mitsubishi UK today and they are interested in being involved in the event.
When we have made a few more plans with venues and dates we will know how involved they can be. The heritage fleet has been mentioned, to have that there with the 3000GT they have would be great.
Possibly even a convoy trip?
The venue is a big part of the event and we will be looking at all options and costs involved.
I believe even @GSXRKID himself might make it to an event like this? The 50% off im not so sure about :joy:


I’ll be there for sure :grin:


And I may chop my arms off Colin by then :joy:

@jensen360 your doing an amazing job, hope this all goes ahead, will be an amazing thing to have behind GTOUK :+1:



Dave …I may even lend you one of my 99’s so you have to attend !!


Being serious we need some where with some proper hard standing, so if it does rain you not on mud walking round


Would be ace hey :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Think this would be a brilliant event and defo around the midlands as would be central for everyone. Should be a very good turnout and everyone has got plenty of notice.



What about the NEC arena as indoors as well?

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@50% off i would be buying my own stuff ! bargain…


There’s only one 99 I’m interested in these days and its with the first 9 turned upside down :astonished:


Great way to celebrate and promote. I will be attending and any help needed just let me know. What about stoneleigh Park for the event? Indoor arena.



Stoneleigh may be an option.
some of the circuits have some high hire costs, and looking into track hire prices will make you gulp.
We need to consider the costs involved and keeping it an event people can afford to go to.
The price needs to be right to get the numbers, but also we want it to be an event to remember.


Great response so far, this would be a brilliant way to celebrate our cars and present the club.
It would be a pinnacle event and every bit of input as to where to have it and how to do it is very much appreciated.


Jerry is already pricing up car transporters to bring his fleet :joy::joy:


Great ideas for this would love to make it to this, not been to an event yet due to other commitments with young family, work etc(car not ready cough) this would sure be one I would want to work towards to get ready for and has a decent timescale to work to. Be interesting how this develops, how awesome could be the biggest ever 3000GT/GTO cruise be!!! :sunglasses:


Would it not be easier to piggy back of another show where all the arrangements for camping etc has been made, but try and get a good discount for the club members attending, and have a large show stand. Just a thought!