Mitsubishi GTO Attempt #2


Evening people, just thought I’d pop my head in and say hello again as after a long absence I’m back in a GTO (among other things).

Bought a white Mk1 Auto last year which went…swimmingly (not) and after a year of contemplation, I went for a Mk1 Twin Turbo back in April.

There are a few bits and bobs that need doing but for now I’m just enjoying looking at it and knowing it’s mine!



Hi @rx8ruku
Welcome back.
Car looks nice bud.


Welcome back to GTOUK car is looking good , very rare color too ! :laughing:


Welcome back some big resolution photos there… thought my phone was broken this morning… :joy:

Looking good :+1:

Don’t forget to come find us on facebook too :+1:


Welcome dude :raising_hand_woman:


Good looking motor, nice in blue welcome back.


Dont they look MR2 from that angle!
Am I allowed to say that?


No your not !!! your barred



Love the colour


It’s for sale on the o c Facebook page I believe


Wash your mouth out :flushed::joy:

Don’t all look though as it will look like that club is active again , have to push the cobwebs out of the way to see anything



Seeing how old this post is I’ve Locked it now