Mitsubishi gto or gt price

Hi Does anybody know what a 1991 mainly , Or any year gto or gt would have cost to purchase when it was new ?

Mk1 was approx 35k when new, rising to approx 43k for a mk2

1999 3000gt £48,;800

Mitsubishi UK quoted £35,000 when released in 1992 (I have the brochure) and then put it up to £41,000 when they arrived, nothing like making extra profit on a in demand car.

Japanese cars were around £28,000 for a TT and £22,000 for a NA back in 1991

FTO’s were just under £10,000 but Mitsubishi UK sold the the last ones for around £23,000 rip off UK they should be called

Last ever 3000GT sold new in the UK was a blue one in Essex on a 51 Plate to a guy who is a customer of mine and still owns it


Thanks for the replies , I have owned a gto for 25 years , Why is it our lovely cars do not seem to hold there values as much as the other muscle cars of there time ? 25 years ago when i had enough money to splash out on a super car , When i was looking , Iam sure toyotas and nissans , and even some porsches where a very similar price to the by far best looking gto ? Can anybody shed any light on why this is please