Mitsubishi Prices

seeing as you are a Mitsubishi man can you get Colt parts in?
My girlfriend just been in an accident this afternoon.

1996 Colt, manual, 1.6GLX in Red

I need a price on the following
1: Front Bumper
2: Bonnet
4: offside headlamp unit,complete

I will pm you the vin, if you can gather a price for me before the bodyshop start telling me its a write off cos of Mitsubishi parts prices.


Mike :wink:

We have been bringing in stuff for the Colt boys for around a year now and whilst I am happy to help you with prices, from the list that you have provided, I would imagine that that car is a write off.

I bought one the other day with the roof top spoiler etc….in absolutely mint condition for £1200.

The parts alone are going to be around this with shipping especially as you have asked for the bonnet and then you have to paint it all.

It will be Monday be fore I can get back to you with -prices, but I would not hold your breath.

I have also offered J@mes to Celebrity Death Match for his witty reply.

Cheers Rob

Cheers Rob,

Worst fears are slowly being realised :frowning: new exhaust on it and all. Am i allowed to take off it before it goes to scrap? Am sure the spoiler will sell on eBay :wink:
Monday is fine mate, the ins engineer wont be back to me until monday afternoon.

Thanks again for possibly a fruitless task :oops:


J@mes…cheers for heads up to mitsucolt…some reckon its not as bad especially if using second hand parts :wink: see the insurance policy states a 5year warranty on all works so will use brand new stuff.

Oh and Rob see your name is starting to be mentioned around the Colt site :wink: