Mk 1 wing mirror required

hi all,

i am looking for a mk1 electric wing mirror with electric folding in silver. this has become quite urgent as the one i bought off has fallen through so need one ASAP.

does anyone have one for sale if so how much? also i would like it to be posted as next day delivery unless you live in sussex close by.

hope you hear from you soon.


Ive got a few red ones if thats any help mate

Needs to be off a J reg Japanese car or later and have 7 wires or pins to be electric folding.

Cheers Rob


hi Colin,

PM sent


Hi all,
So I am still looking for a drivers side wing mirror for my mk1 1993 jdm GTO in colour code H28 (silver)

It is the 7 pin/wire electric folding and electric mirror setup as rob has stated above.

If anyone has one for sale or knows of anyone who has one for sale please contact me.


Hello think I have a body of 1 no mirror in silver il double check tomoz if it’s still there you can have it


that would be great if you do have it. ill await your reply :smile:


Just so you guys know

The mirrors have different sized bodies and you cant swap a late into a early body

Cheers Rob

Il post a pic up of what I have may even have a mirror for it il check now sorry late reply I totally forgot

OK can’t find the silver one its vanished or hiding very well i brought it to take a mirror out for the black ones but there is black folding mirrors if needed

Just another heads up is that you cannot put a MK 1 non Electric Folding mirror glass into a Electric Folding Mirror and vise versa, they have different shapes to them and connectors.

Just for reference

Cheers Rob

I have a black one to use at the moment but I am still trying to find a silver one if you do find it please let me know and I will decently have it :blush: