Mk 3 Rear spoiler in white

(Johnathan Crack) #1

I am deciding to sell, first here to members and if no takers, Ebay, My Mk3 rear spoiler complete kit.
In white ready for a rub down and spray or fitting with adjustment to a white vehicle.

Looking for £200 Notes with free shipping. Otherwise it goes on ebay for £250

Please PM with offers

(CDMH) #2

Moved to the correct section

(Jerry Castle) #3

Sent you a pm I t t d, cheers

(Grumpy pants) #4

That’s £500 easy on eBay rare as !

(James Jones) #5

As Dave says you really can’t get them anywhere definitely £500.


(Johnathan Crack) #6

Hi Dave,

Is it really?

Well then 200 is cheap

Your welcome. It’s sold already (I think)

(Grumpy pants) #7

Yes you try finding one… done now tho

(Johnathan Crack) #8

I dont mind it’s the same price i paid for it more or less

And I will use the money to buy new suspension :slight_smile:

(Jensen Richardson) #9

If not sold I will have please

(Grumpy pants) #10

Look good as an elgrand roof spoiler @jensenrichardson :rofl:

(Johnathan Crack) #11

It sold for any still looking. Thanks for interest.