Mk1 1991 Mitsubishi gto twin turbo

Hi every one my names Harry o have just brought my first ever Mitsubishi gto twin turbo in black , when I first got this car it had a knocking noise coming from the engine , so I thought straight away pull the sump and sure no 5 gernal had spun the bearings as the oil pump failed ,so I have now had the crank reground with new small ends and big ends and a new Conrod , timing kit water pump , oil pump ,trust washers , new crank pully , any I missing anything else I should replace ?? And I have a new Conrod for Gernal no 5 just wonders if a can disconnect the piston from the Conrod from the bottom of the engine ?? With out taking the head off !! Many thanks harry

Hi Harry welcome to GTOUK

Personally I would have had everything stripped and cleaned all oil lines and cooler replaced , any of the swarf from the pick up will still be lurking within the engine oil galleries , this includes turbos etc along with the gauze in the top of the cam covers .

Seen quite a lot of repeat failures when only the bearings have been replaced . It’s not a cheap job but having it go a second time isn’t either




Agree with Craig on this it once do it right


And regrinding early cranks for cars before mid 1992 is a no no as they are cast crankshafts and earlier journal failure will result when pushed hard

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