Mk1 Bracknell silver

So i scared the crap outa a Gto owner today!! Lol
Silver mk1 trying to turn in to the road I was on (stuck in traffic) didn’t see him in time to let him in… Just to beep and wave!!! (From my truck)
Well I sat in the traffic for 100yards for about 30 minuets and thought sod this… Turned around to go home another way… And decided to do more than wave… Drove at him, parked In the road nose at his car…jumped In to the road in the rain waving a leaflet LOL… Shocked was one way to describe his face!! With that I drove away waving! Lol.
Hope he turns up!!


Either that or you will be reported to the Police :laughing:

Craig :smile:


He did look a little worried!

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Hahaha, brilliant. I can just imagine, lucky you didnt get a smack in the chops lol

Hopefully he will see I was trying to be friendly :slight_smile:

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Well that’s one way to get someones attention. At least he wont forget!

Haha love it! I’ve still never seen anyone in the ones I’ve seen…I do hang around like a right weirdo looking dodgy though

Ill make sure you go home from the birthday bash with a handful of leaflets then :slight_smile:

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Yeah I need a few for each car & the vans…I’m never actually in my car with the leaflets when I see one! Like the one I seen at the weekend at Bishops Court Ireland, I was kicking myself I didnt have a leaflet to put under the (rusty) wiper!

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