Mk1 mitsubishi gto twin turbo⁹9⁸

mk1 mitsubishi gto twin turbo
97600 miles
Imported in 2000 at the cost of 10 grand ( have original invoice)
Part main dealer service history
Last two owners did the work themselves
Cambelt kit was done at 84 from a friend , parts cost me 450 and another 250 to fit it
( no paperwork)
New alternator and power steering belt at the same time

Road angel
Turbo timer
3 pod pillar gauge all working
2x corbeau racing seats ( drivers work)
Dr650 turbos ( no play in shaft or oil or smoke)
Forge wastegates
Aeromotive fuel pressure reg and braide lines
Am fuel pump
New fuel lines fitted before i brought the car
Hotwired fuel pump
Complete samco hose kit
Chrome y pipe
Forge blow off valve ( loud)
Blitz boost controller ( running a nice safe bar of boost)
4 brand new gooyear asymetric tyres
Tein coilovers ( less than 2 k miles)
Mom quick release steering wheel and boss
Halogen headlight upgrade
K amd n air filter
Link g4 ecu mapped by m amd d developmemts
580cc injectors
Fuel rail jumper kit
Complete 3 inch stainless steel exhaust from turbo back ( sounds lovely)
Momo foot pedal kit
Goodridge brake hoses all round
Dynod at 417 and 500 nms on the old map
Has been increased.

Last 5 k miles
New coils
New leads
Pcv valve
Fuel filter
Spark plugs
Plenum space and kit
Coolant temp sensor
Air temp sensor
Drop the oil every 3 months at work regardless of milage
4x tyres
New front discs amd pads
400 worth of bosywork before it was plasti dipped at
I have spent many hours cleaning off the surface rust and undersealed

Bad bits
Body work needs a touch up
Will sort that with some window tints

Drivers window has a slight wobble

Car idles a little erratic sometimes
( will getvtgat sorted from mark)

Abs light on because of the after market steering wheel
( will supply one with the car)

Slight weep from transfer box ( seals in the car)
Quoted 300 to replace them

Slight weep from rear steering ( common on these )
Have got the delete kit in car
Quoted 400 to have it removed

Drivers seat is a little wobbly as last owner crossthreaded the bolt
Easy fix tap and die

Aerial stuck up ( common problem)

I’m looking for 4.5 - 5 k f9r the car ,I have seen a lot worse go for way more money. it runs, boosts and pulls like a train in every gear I will be sad to see it go, I have pumped well over 2.5 grand since ownership and couldn’t be happier. I t does need some tlc like most old car. Pm if you think the price is wrong. Mot runs out in August which I will put another 12 months on her.

Thanks for reading


Hi Tom,

Just a point if the steering wheel swap has caused the ABS light to come on - seams odd as there isn’t anything in there to interfere with the ABS - could be wrong. I would recommend putting the original back on for MOT as the car wouldn’t and shouldn’t pass an MOT with the ABS light on.

Good luck with the sale it does sound like you have put a lot into the car :+1:


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So the airbag has nothing to do with the light? I put it down to that as I replaced my last wheel on my volvo and kept the light on. You lot know more than me :slight_smile: OK ill look into that. Thanx james

The airbag light is red and says SRS and comes on when starting the car the same as the orange ABS and then should go out if all is OK - do you mean the SRS light is on as this would be more likely with removing the airbag etc.



Srs cones on and goes , replaced bulb f9r tractio control light as its blown . How do you read the codes on a mk1 ? I would like to sort this problem out. Thanx . Please remove ad as I can’t part with the car thank you.


I’m booking the car into westfields to repair transfer box leak amd do a rear steer delete and sort the abs light out , ill prob have to pump another grand into it but I’m OK with that and car will be up for 5 grand is that a fair price ? As I saw 5 before i brought this one and some wanted 3 grand more in worse condition, no rot in boot amd drainholes all clear solid little body not your usual crap. If it sells it sells if not its going in the garage as a little investment, either way I’m happy.

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