Mk1 Suspension and Rear Steer

Hello everyone,

Would anyone be interested in standard mk1 TT shocks and springs? Have been removed as im upgrading to coilovers.

Also have the rear steer system removed. It is not in great condition but was fully functioning when removed from the car.

Open to offers.

Where about in the country are you as am planning a parts trip? May be interested in the ECS suspension :+1:


Would be one hell of a trip for you, im just outside Inverness :sweat_smile:
I dont have the ECS modules unfortunately.

Ah ok definitely not doing that :joy::joy:


Its one hell of a journey! I done it from South wales in the night and only stopped once :joy:

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I just did Nairn and recently Banff, with my new job (trade plating) after Banff my next drop was Falmouth. !!!

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Nairn is near enough where I stay :slight_smile:
Sounds your job takes you all over!