Mk1 Twin Turbo 1991 for Sale regrettably

Here we go again! I now having to sell my 1991 GTO Twin Turbo Mk 1. Unfortunately my other Hip has now degenerated to such a degree it’s just not comfortable to enter or get out of it and the way the NHS waiting list is looking, I’m going to be like this for a while! This is the second time I’ve had to sell a GTO due to medical problems, last time it was my other Hip! This is the 4th GTO/3000GT I have owned over the years and being a mechanic for many, many years I know a bit about them.

To the Car……if you look at my previous Posts you see I purchased this one from the IOW in a sorry state, it what is known as a “project” but for me, being virtually Rust Free was the deciding factor and Lockdown gave me a purpose in Life! If you are looking to get into ownership and done the research, Rust is the biggest problem with these wonderful, ahead of their time cars.

It was transported home to a rented garage and I set to work. It’s had a full Gates Cam Belt Service including all Belts and Pulleys and Water Pump. All top quality, not EBay crap. Plugs, HT Leads, Filters and Oil changed. Dropped rear Subframe to replace Rear Steering Rack, whilst off, all fully wire brushed and undersealed. Anything that needed replacing was including Pads, Hoses, Brake Fluid. Fuel Tank drained and new Fuel Filter. Heater Control sent off for repairs, all working 100%. I had the A/C recharged but it’s still not ice cold, possibly Compressor but never bothered me even in the summer! Engine Carbon Cleaned. Upgraded Hella Headlights with upgraded bulbs, you can actually see at night! Various Sensors and Senders replaced. The BC Coil Overs were fitted by the previous owner and have done virtually no miles. Next the Bodywork hoping a Machine Polish would do it, unfortunately not! I then set about a respray in her original colour. I used 2 Pack and it looks ok, I think a machine cut and polish would improve the shine even more but I can not do it now, to painful.

So, mechanically she is very good, starts first time as you would expect, drive’s and stops as it should. Pulls well in all gears and looks the part.

It’s not perfect and I don’t want to mislead anyone. The Roof is probably the worst part, it really could do with prepping and another coat of paint/ lacquer, I must have caught it with the Air hose when spraying, shame! Mind you, if your short you cant see it! Rear Seat Back tops have caught the sun and faded. There is a slight “hum” from the rear, I think it’s the rear steering pump but the 4 wheel steering seems to be working fine. Lastly, the Aero’s, when I purchased both Front and Rear were working fine ( unusual!) , I removed the rear spoiler for painting and now the Aero Red Light is on and they are not working. It can’t be anything serious.

I’m happy for viewing at almost anytime, the beauty of being Retired! I’m near Marlow in Buckinghamshire. Any questions or specific photos, please ask.

This is a very sad time for me, I really love these cars, they are very underrated and at last climbing in value making this one I believe a great investment for someone, just wish it was me!

Now the difficult part, price. I know what I paid and what I have spent on her, it does add up quick! I think a realistic asking price would be around £8000 but I am open to sensible offers/ suggestions on value. Sorry, no P/ex as I’m sniffing around an old Bentley Turbo that I think will suit my medical condition better!


Sorry to hear that @marlowboy , I hope you can get sorted soon, sad to see you go especially after getting your car sorted so quickly. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and beneficial, especially your emissions saga.
The car looks really good and I’m sure you can easily get the asking price. Best of luck.


Are the wheels 17" or 18" ??

As 18" are seriously rare…

Ooooh, I don’t know and I’m not allowed to go out in the Dark, I’ll have a look tomorrow! Hope you are well!

Shame Rob, 17”, still a lovely Car!

Shame, Along with the Lenso Muse, Still the best looking period wheel for the cars i feel even in 17"

So there’s some hope for my Lenso Muse 19’s then Rob…


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Hi Mike, hope you are well, ■■■■■■ old age I hate it!

Hiya mate,
Sorry to read your news. I think I must avail myself in your locale sometime, where in the meantime you may investigate a suitable hostelry which we may pop into and drown our age-related sorrows.
So, we’ll grab a beer sometime, eh! :yum:
Speak soon Martin, I have yer number…


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Heh heh I think!
Saw my specialist today at the BMI Hospital, looking like I’m under the knife early next year! So unless I get a “can’t refuse” offer, keeping the car, booked her in to investigate the rear ‘hum’ and get that sorted. More flat and polishing to look forward to…….bring on the summer!
Happy Christmas everyone!


Good for you good luck with the opp.:+1:


I’m so glad I don’t need the money, just been offered, wait for it………

£3500 but he can collect tonight! It’s almost funny!


Hi Martin hope all went well with the op Did you find out what the hum from rear was.Did you sell or keep the gto

Hi, I have someone who seems very interested in the car but I’m still in Hospital, hopefully out tomorrow. Op apparently went very well. I do have a small problem with the car in that it won’t start! ECU has been sent away for a refurb so hoping when it returns and I am a bit more mobile I’ll refit and it will burst not life……probably! Had to cancel the garage and n all honesty I’m still not sure what to do, keep or sell. If the interest guy doesn’t buy, and he knows all the little things that aren’t 100% I may well keep it……decision decisions!

Coo blimey Martin, I bet you give the other half some headaches, eh! Well, firstly, I hope you are on the mend now, and that our NHS nurses are treating you like a Royal (even if there’s only a quarter of the full staff complement on duty right now). Be nice to them…
Right then, the multi coloured Bentley is really not worth keeping you awake at night, it’s suspiciously cheap for starters (sorry about the pun), and Portree is wet. I’ve been there.
Back to the red beast…did you get the Doc to give you a report on the ECU first - was there a fault? If so, that’ll be the starting cause. If not, let me know, and I’ll come over with my PTU and any coil packs to rule anything else out. Might even bring me logger over for a laugh, now I know what to do with it. We’ll get you started. But then…are you gonna be struggling to get in and out of the beast for a while, or are you high on painkillers, and think you can glide into and out of these cars?
Keep going matey,


Hi, how are you. Just home from the Hip replacement, it thankfully was a Private Hospital paid for by NHS. It has gone very well and looking forward to doing the London Marathon…….not!
Back to the car, the ECU was repaired 11 years ago by ECU Testing up North. Back then they only offered a 2 year guarantee, that has now changed to Lifetime. They are checking it out and have promised to look after me, what ever that means! The way I am I don’t think I’m capable of putting it back in the car,I’ve been told to be careful otherwise it could dislocate, and I don’t want that! I know you are a busy man but if you could spare a few hours would be great if you could come over whenever. I know it’s a fair old journey but I’ll still keep you on the Christmas Card list if you say no,I fully understand!

Had a Phone call today from the ECU Doctor, they have found a problem with the ECU so it looks like that’s the, I hope, problem. They are rebuilding it. They also offered to check the PTU for free, pushed my luck and included the three I had, 1 is u/s completely, 1 working but not 100% as the Rev Counter could be effected and 1 Perfect. Should be here Thursday and a member of my local Car Club has offered to come and refit it, I can’t get that low at the moment…… Then he decision, keep or sell……….

Keep it :hugs::hugs:


Tell ya what Martin…you keep it, I’ll drive it :sunglasses:



She Lives! Ecu re-fitted, started up first time and on all 6……would love to take her for a spin but can’t push the clutch down yet……back in love!