Mk2 3000GT for sale

Hi All, I have decided to part with my 3000GT.
1996 MK2. Full restoration done. immaculate condition. Please contact me for more information.

Thanks Ian.


Good luck with sale, look good, theres a guy on the newbie section looking at buying one, might be worth writing in there

Wow shocked to see that , for those that haven’t seen Ian’s car in the flesh it is immaculate , which just saying that doesn’t do it justice , imagine a fresh out of the showroom car , with all the corresponding paint marks on all hoses like it left the production line , it’s that good

Good luck with sale Ian , though the first genuine person to see it will snap it up

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Thanks Craig. I’m at the first hurdle of selling it.
I might fall at the last.

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Good luck with the sale. If I didn’t already have one I’d have bitten your hand off :relieved:

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I hope you don’t mind @ORV

But I found another couple of pictures to add


Plus the video


That shine, dont think I’ve ever seen anything like it

This is my favourite Craig.


Gosh it is beautiful. My wife would castrate me if I bought another, then again no Bollox might be worth it :roll_eyes::thinking:


Now thats a car to get a hold of, got to be the best there is. I am shocked its up for grabs as well.

Hi All, Thank you for all the messages about the car. I will reply to you all individually in order that they came in. It might be later tonight as busy at work. This is a video of the car that a good friend did for me.


Hi All, Just to let everyone know the car is now sold. I appreciate all the enquiries and messages.


Didn’t think that would stay around long Ian :+1:


Wowsers! That went fast

Hopefully it stayed in GTOUK !

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Hopefully staying in the club!
I think most of us knew won’t be for sale for long if your a purist it’s definitely the car to buy.

@ORV if you don’t mind me asking how much did it sell for?