Mk2 Rear lights full led, sequential indicators


Be ok, getting there slowly…
Be done asap :+1:


No rush bud take your time :smiley:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: That Reece is a concept Dave doesn’t and will not, despite many attempts, understand, so when he’s saying he’s doing your lights at silly O’ Clock, just leave him to it, he’s good at this kind of thing, and loves to burn the midnight oil, don’t you Dave.

@Daveperkins Reece said ‘no rush’, OK, that means, NO RUSH. OK :kissing_heart:



They were back in the oven and sealed when I walked in the door lol

You know too well :joy::joy:

Be finished tomorrow just plugs and tint to do… ok Maybe tonight :joy:


What a hero , anyway enough jibba jabber you’ve got some green stuff to chuck on the bbq



Not sure if I want them tinted ! Is it too late ? :joy: is it film or spray ?


PM’d you Reece


I’m getting too exited for these !


I’m done #


Took your time , too much misspent time on Fb