Mk2 Rear lights full led, sequential indicators


As you’ve seen fitted to Jensens car, now with removable plugs ( 1 waterproof plug to car, one to light)
Full led, 3 arrow sequential indicators, solid bright break beams top and bottom… lights are smoked tint film.
Not an exchange price full lights included £300 plus p&p

1 set and no more… I’m not going to makes everyone’s car the same!


Put them on ebay and sell them to someone far far away :joy:


What about MK3 :disappointed_relieved:


Both sets of lights on eBay mk1/2 £399 each.
MK3 I currently have no spare lights to do I’m affraid, If mk1/2 don’t sell I will see what looks better on my car ( if it ever comes back) then may sell MK3 one’s @reece.cambridge.
Cheers Dave


I might be getting confused, mk3 as in version 3 ? :joy:

The ones I seen with the indicator full of less ininstead of arrows


Yes mate those are MK3 will sell them if I don’t like them on, unless you want to find some spare lights to do them on, they are far more time consuming.


Will PM you



@Daveperkins, the UK and European spec cars have a different rear lighting system and wiring so may not work as intended.



Hi Paul as in cable colours or configuration? These are Identify your correct cable colours ie yellow indicators, green/white and green brake and sides you wire that to your own loom, they can then just be unplugged and originals returned at any point.
I provide instructions for cable colours to make it easy for members.
The only issue I have is the indicators double flashing but I am now fitting load resistors to compensate for this.

Anything else I need to know @Paulw greatly appreciate it.

Cheers Dave


In both Dave. The UK gt’s have the fog lamp built in to the cluster. So the inner bulb (closest to the reverse) that is normally and stop and tail on the gto is soley a fog lamp on the gt’s for both sides.


Ok cheers so anyone with a 3000gt needs to use a reverse as fog and put in a red bulb then wire to that… on o/s.



Ooooo are you lighting up a GTO sign as well ? :heart_eyes:


Lol dunno what you mean :grin:




A bit of a round a bout way to make the LED’s work, yes.

If you are doing an exchange basis and do get some UK clusters in they have a different reflection pattern on the lens so may not appear the same as the GTO ones.



Putting these back on eBay tonight, finally got round to finishing the last set, as above same as @jensenrichardson not making any more… ever ! Sick of the sight of sealant and oven tbh.

£300 Inc posted no offer’s ( £350 on eBay as that is what last one’s went for)


Thought these are all custom built mate :slightly_frowning_face:


Last time as ordered by @reece.cambridge b4 I said STOP!
Working the night shift as too busy at work…
MK4 in progress… combination of mk2 and 3

What looked good on the outside ain’t so good inside mate :joy: but dealing with it :persevere:

You will notice Reece i am building into the indicators full straight LEDs to give a better effect rather than curving them with gaps between them.

Oh of I’m not answering ppl on text it’s cos I’m BUSY !



Front of my place looks like a production line. Spraying different items with 4 different paints :wink:


Looking good as usual @Daveperkins! What’s the damage inside ? Looks like they’ve had water in them ?