Mk2 side skirts SOLD

Good physical condition mat black £70 the pair.


Open to offers before i eBay them

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I’m amazed these havent gone yet , they are a great modification for the mkI and really enhance the body lines of the car making it more curvy

Craig :grinning:

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Bump still have these

Hi Dave

Where abouts are you I will have them if I can get to you or if you can post them to me ?

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I’m in norwich nr5 mate not sure in postage cost maybe better arranging courier your way ? cheers Dave

Great mod for any of you mkI guys , they curve a lot more than the mkI skirts and really enhance the body lines .

Amazed these haven’t gone yet tbh

Might be able to drive up one day next week if not I’ll get them picked can I let you know Friday ?

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No problem
N/A Dave

@kmaysfx you still want these because I’m going to start listing stuff in eBay to clear out over winter…

Hi Dave
Sorry been a busy few days as I just been laid off so had to move all my tools out. Yes I will have them. Do I have to do anything to make the fit a mk1 ?

Sorry to hear that mate, no they just bolt straight on, Dave

Ok perfect
What’s your address so I can try and get them collected

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will pm you

Anyone got any photos of them bolted onto a mk1? May be interested in them if they look good on

@kmaysfx is first in if anything changes let you know…
Some here so your getting the deal of a decade… whoever buys them… Jesus Google pics boys come on…


Keep me in mind if they don’t go, and only asked on here as someone might have wanted to show of their car, boring and too easy to look on Google

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I’m having a strop Ignore me :joy:


Show off :joy:

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