Mk3 anyone?

There’s 4 mk3 GTO’s on eBay at the moment and they all look pretty sweet!! Anyone looking for an introduction into GTO could do a whole lot worse than one of these. SR models so non turbo of course:

The last link (black one) is in Ireland and has been up for sale since July last year and originally was for £6k. The guy cannot sel it and its just hanging around. ( I have ased him since last July if he wanted to sell the chrome wheels seperatley hence the know timeline).

Thanks for the links… I’ll keep an eye on them… might need to splash out if I don’t get my car on the road soon…


■■■■■■ hell Ewan, don’t say that!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking on E-BAY, and Pistonheads - through the tears over my own broken car. They look pretty sweet, and, from my point of view at the mo, would be a lot less hassle and cheaper than trying to rectify ratting problems with a bunch of monkeys who are seemingly clueless, thus rendering me stuck with a p**y 1.3 fiesta. just not sure whether to go for TT or stick with a reg N/A. Anyone know how much more the fuel and insurance is for a proper beast?

I actually noticed a decrease in insurance but and considerable hike in fuel. But I went for a UK TT so maybe that’s something to do with it

3000gt is almost £300 cheaper through my insurance than a import.
Would love to buy a GT but not many about so will have to stick with the GTO.