Mods & Insurance

Hey im new, this my first post

When you talk about modifications declared What does this include
Just performance wise? or everything like bodykits and stuff.

I’m only an enthusiast at the moment 'cos im not old enough to drive :lol: but i hope to own a GTO or 3000GT in a few years (when im about 20) so im just thinking ahead 8)

20 in a few years-I wish.

Basically its best to tell an insurance company everything, wheels, tuning mods, bodykits etc. My experience with insurance companies is that they will try to find a way not to pay out if they can. I remember a few years ago I insured a bike and put my ex on as a named driver. We did not declare his convictions as they were over 3 years old. When the bike was nicked they would not pay out as they said we should have told them anyway, we lost about £1500.

Not all mods will necessarily add a lot to the premium-I was quoted about £20 extra for a dump valve per year.


Hi Mate

Janey is dead right in what she says tell them everything and I mean everything. Its bad enough being down £1500 but imagine what could happen if you are involved in real serious accident. The compensation could ruin you.

Good luck in your search for insurance.



as i said, i ain’t old enough to even drive yet. i’ve just been reading the forums and wondered what was included in MODs Declared but i understand now. thanks.

I laughed when my insurance company told me I didnt have to declare my mods UNLESS they included
b)Engine boring to increase displacement
c)Engine swapping to increase displacement!

Good ol’ Liv & Vics! ( mind u I think u have to be over 30 though Im not sure…)

I think it goes like this …

If you don’t tell them about anything non-standard that could contribute to a crash (i.e. increased power) then they may not pay out anything. If the car gets nicked and you didn’t tell them about the alloys you put on it then they may say, ‘we didn’t insure those alloys’ which leads to ‘car stolen without wheels - deduct the value of standard wheels’.

gotta be honest . its good to dream… i mean i told my dad when i was 17 that i would own a ferrari or a porsche one day… and… to be sure… i did… but… at the age of 16 or less. to be asking and worrying about what the scoop is about insurance etc … is kinda pointless… cos who knows what the insurance situation will be come 2009… yes i said it… 2009… anyway… i appreciated that you were honest and straight forward about your age and didnt try and ■■■■■■■■ about stuff. like some teenagers do… so welcome. and more power to your dream… remember only you can make it happen… :lol: :lol:

dmc the dreamweaver

I declared all my mods, and the insurance doubled. This includes nitrous, propane and flywheel, right down to different spark plugs and brake pads/discs.