Moon Roof from a 92 mk1 now sold

doing a clearout in the sheds and got for grabs a moon roof from a mk1 would like get 50 for it
collection from Southampton

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Can these be retrofitted to a non sunroof one?

sorry i don’t know

Is courier an option? If you let me know rough size and weight I’ll look into it

the size is 700mm bay 900mm the weight somewhere between 5-10kg
and to be honest i prefer collection because it is glass

That moon roof cover is super rare and worth lots


Listen to rob, sell that for a much higher price or someone else will

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to be honest gents i just want it gone that’s way i priced it so low
it’s been in may shed of over 6 years now and i lost count how many times i tried to sell it
and it’s the same with the sets and a few other bits
just need to free some space

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The glass i can understand, but the internal covers are like gold dust

Cant believe no one has asked you for it already…

Ill have it then, im in worthing

somebody wants it but he cannot colektyt till Thursday so check with me on friday op still available

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