More good news NEC events

(Jerry Castle) #1

Got a call this evening and been offered some stand space at the Nec Classic Motor Show, Nov 10 - 12 this is bigger than the one last March and we are getting a small space for 2 cars but will help raise the club profile again. More live stuff on f/b etc
Also we are on track for next March as well for the Classic Car and Restoration Show.
So it would be great to know who would like to be involved in both if these events;
For Nov it would be for members who would like to help on the stand (the show will be very busy) we have the cars.
For March it would be good to know who would like their cars on show, this means the cars going to the Nec Thursday and there until Sunday eve. probably hotel room nearby.
At both events numbers do have a limit but there are free entrance for those on the stand for each day.
Be great to see the level of interest to be part of this and here is a photo if last March to remind all

(David Perkins) #2

3 days…3 pigging day’s of faceache promo :sob: BRING IT ON!
Joking aside well done @jerry_SC for securing these will prob make next year’s one.
Dave :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(Tracy Parkin) #3

Well done Jerry.

We won’t be able to make the November one as we have planned a few months working on the house now, but all being well we’d like to do the March one.

Just so people know the dates for this in March are 23rd - 25th.

Tracie :rabbit:

(Lukasz Sojka) #4

Where is it? I would be able to help, not promise yet, but all november weekends I have got free and would put some plans on it.

(Tracy Parkin) #5

It’s at the NEC Birmingham @lukas Website Here

Tracie :rabbit:

(Lukasz Sojka) #6

Good! Very close to me! More possible, I will be there. :slight_smile:

(Jerry Castle) #7

Hi Lukas
Its at the NEC Birmingham 10-12 November, be good to have you along. Sort out details later l am waiting for an e-mail with information.
Cheers Lukas and thanks for the interest

(Lukasz Sojka) #8

Oh no… My wife booked tickets to fly to Poland that weekend. I have to stay with children, so I will be off. :frowning:

(Jerry Castle) #9

the theme of the show is family ties!!!


Jerry, you’ve done an absolutely magnificent job nailing this, well done mate. I need to get out and help this club, so I will do what I can to be available to help out next year - I am away on vacation this November - but my very best to you for a great show then.

(Jerry Castle) #11

Cheers mate