Mount Edgcumbe this Sunday


I know this late notice, but Mount Edgcumbe is holding a vintage car rally this Sunday, I have arranged entry for six cars. If you would like to go can you please add your name. If we require more I have to phone them.

You can camp over, but there is very limited facilities, e.g. just a couple of toilets.

It is £5 per car and visit for more information.

I have been told this was a very good day out last year, as there was a fayre etc.


Hi Neil,

It was a good day out but I will have to give it a miss, just paid out my year’s tax and MOT (passed!) this month so need to save my pennies but for anyone else thinking of going it is a good show.


Neil, will let you know tomorrow morning if thats ok.

This was a very good show last year. As well as the show there was also a fair, car boot sale which was situated in the fields and forrest. The beach is also there and there was by co-incidence power boat racing last year which you could watch from the beach.

I’m up for this one Neil, had a great day out last year.


Hi Guys,

Due to personal reasons I will not be able to attend this now, so if there is anyone who would like to go, I have arranged for up to six cars. Pay on the day (£5 per car). You can arrive anytime up to 11 oclock, but I was advised to be there earlier to avoid traffic on the lanes.

Sorry I would have really liked to have gone, but I am stuck this time, hope you all have a good day.

If I can still attend ill let you know asap.


Who is going to this one? There is a good chance I can make it but dont want to be sat there on my own :lol:

Not me, too busy with other things.

Mark. :slight_smile:

I’m Rallying this weekend. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I will be there but not in a GTO.


I’ll be there with Mo just for a change :smiley:


sorry i cant make this one, although it was the best show i went to last year