MR GTO Hub Knuckles

I have a pair of 1996 MR GTO Hub Knuckles available.
They are in need of a refurbish.
They are pretty much the same as standard knuckles, apart from no provision for ABS
Would be good for a GTO that has had an ABS delete.
I don’t want anything for them.
I can bring to an event.
They are currently built up, but I will strip them as it makes them much lighter to transport.
Bearings are shot anyway. Lol
Any interest?

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I’ll take them @Marty_K then I’ll buy you a few coffees for them when we meet next.could you pass them to Lucas at the nec event then I’ll collect from Lucas if that’s ok.

I don’t mind bringing them to an event but they are far, far too heavy to lug from the car park at the NEC to the stand.
They are yours though mate.
I’ll be at japfest at Silverstone, of that’s any help.

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Ok @Marty_K I didn’t think about that should do one of them 2 events