My 1992 GTO TT Import for Sale :(

With a heavy heart I am selling my no expense spared, hugely cared for and obsessed over 1992 Mitsubishi GTO Z16A 3.0 6G72 DOHC 24V TT V6 4WS 4WD



I have owned this car for over a year, whilst it has been a great car to work on and get to a great standard, unfortunately with ULEZ restrictions coming in later this month, living in London forces the sale, after I have spent all of the money getting it to the perfect GTO I always wanted. I’ve tried to list all work I can remember.

Mechanically perfect in good working order mileage as of 09/10/2021 is 124,882 km so 77,598 miles and will go up slowly with daily use, as these cars should be used. Only used for 20 mins+ drives and always used V-Power in my ownership. Resides in my underground car park away from the elements and is completely solid underneath I have many pictures of the underside

I purchased this car already with the fully stainless exhaust system, downpipe cat delete, gets through MOT legit with no emissions test as the MOT emissions regs came in in 1992. Sounds incredible, HKS SSQV BOV nicely loud but no too asbo loud unless you really put your foot down, vids can be sent. Timing belt changed at 114 km in December 2019. MK2 big brakes

Work completed in my ownership:

-November 2020 service Fuchs Titan Race Pro S Fully Synthetic 10w-50 Oil and k&n oil filter change, cold air intake filter cleaned and oiled
-small patch of rust in floor pan cut out and welded, invoice to show and pics

Went to Westfield Motors from late December 2020-March 2021 invoice to show totalling £1704 not including all parts:
-handbrake shoes
-battery bracket
-all v aux belts
-tein street flex z coilover suspension kit fitted
-tein edfc motor limit mount kit fitted
-steering alignment
-front and rear brake calipers overhaul
-front drilled and slotted discs
-2x rear genuine Mitsubishi oem wheel bearings
-O/S/R wheel hub
-any bushes that needed doing can’t remember which
-fog light/reverse light wiring
-crankshaft pulley+belts
-steering rack gaiters
-MOT 05/03/02021

-Momo Tuner steering wheel 350mm, same wheel from NSX Type-R and Momo hub
-clear indicators
-OEM double din original radio, installed by pro audio electrician
-mishimoto oil cap, still have original
-koyorad radiator cap, still have original
-oem rubber window seals -now unobtainable
-metal window seals surround
-oem weather strips -now unobtainable too
-interior speaker covers
-window alignment
-cigarette lighter
-double din surround
-centre console cubby armrest
-refurbed wiper arms
-wiper windscreen cowl panel painted
-piaa silicone wiper blades
-boot struts original oem just fitted last weekend
-mk3 1999 rear light valence -these are going for £400+ makes all the difference in my eyes
-painted brake callipers gold, filed back to expose the Mitsubishi lettering and high temp laquered
-oem new Mitsubishi bonnet heat shield
-applied mmc and vr-4 decals to rear bumper

I have had most almost all trim out in my time and have pedantically cleaned everything no nasty surprises honest car

Pretty much all parts unless used always purchased from Rob at EvilEmpire and some from 3sx/ninja performance in usa

Went to Westfield Motors from June 2021-Sept 2021 invoice to show totalling £1475 not including all parts:
-radiator cross member was rusting, didn’t really need to get this done and didn’t make economical sense to do so as I knew it was going for sale but hey, sourced a cross member from jappatack, had it cut out, sent to Westfields and welded in, pic included
-koyorad aluminium radiator and modified radiator brackets
-low mileage AC rad installed
-A/C recharge (ice cold!)
-fuel filter
-n/s track rod end
-n/s inner cv boot
-intercooler pipe
-intake pipe

-October 2021 02/10/2021 service Fuchs Titan Race Pro S Fully Synthetic 10w-50 Oil, oil filter Mitsubishi oem
-fog light bulbs

And probably many more I can’t recall/remember, loads of little trim bits that were scuffed all made a big difference to interior.
Not to mention many countless hours scouring online pages/forums/vids for parts/tutorials/info

This car owes me something between 17-19k now I have lost count I just pay out whatever is needed, I wish I could keep it as the prices for these are only going one way and with all of the recent work in the last 12 months this is a great example that has had many jobs completed so great peace of mind for new owner. I do not like to work on this car myself so have always given it to Westfield Motors the GTO experts for any work that isn’t an oil change or trim changes!

I have also uploaded 100+ pictures of the car, link below, for very interested purchasers as I haven’t stopped taking pics since I got the car at every stage. I have recently sold the 18” Rota GTR wheels so my GTO comes with in my opinion the best wheels for this car the 17” 1996 GTO MK2 5 spoke enkei OEM alloys refurbed a few months ago perfectly, with OEM hubcaps and all matching new Goodyear 225/50/17 tyres have only covered roughly 600-1000 miles.

Paintwork on front bumper and roof isn’t perfect with a few marks these two could do with a respray but has never bothered me. This has been reflected in price. 4 wheel steer is good, rear active aero goes up and down and previous owner serviced it/changed microswitches, front active aero has been removed as almost all have by now but wiring and everything is still there, I hear some guys here are working on some new kits.

For the car’s age it is in superb condition throughout. There are cheaper examples out there for sale but a lot of work that has been taken care of on this car will just need doing with them, no leaks at all

Rev gauge has stopped working I have sourced a working set of dials to go with car, new owner can choose whether to switch out dials or replace the failing part the rev gauge capacitors and retain original mileage.

Car will come with:
New dashboard vents, working speedo and I also have another set of black side skirts if wanted by new owner - also Fuchs Titan Race Pro S Fully Synthetic 10w-50 Oil, all can be seen in picture.
2x keys

Extensive pictures:


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Worth every penny the amount of work carried out, good luck with the sale

I am so sorry to read this James, I never quite realised how draconian the ULEZ restrictions were. That’s a real blow fella.
Obviously not the answer, but - for the moment at least - a relocation to the Home Counties would allow you to hold on to your beautiful wheels.
Well, I do hope that you get someone who is as enthusiastic as you have been in caring for your car, you deserve that at least.
A beautifully written and highly detailed advertisement as well. If I had the space, I would have been very interested indeed.
Good luck with the sale James.
All the best,


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Unfortunately i know of four cars up for sale because of the money grabbing measure to bail out the loss making TFL monster that Mayor Khan has made for us all to pay for


That sucks big time.
I cant see how making us pay more money is going to fix the climate cause paying money for a rich person is ok to continue and polluting as they can afford it but if your a working class your screwed. I really don’t get the people we call leaders prime ministers etc they are all a bunch of wNkers


Cracking car

Is there any reasons why its got 110mph clocks in rather than 180kph ones if its an import ?

Probably been converted so you don’t have to memorise the kph conversions for the mph speed limits…that’s just my guess though.

thank you mate

oh the home counties! yeah it’s 2005+ or pre 1981 for me pal. I still have my stock mk1 mx5 which doesn’t see much action and is ULEZ unallowed too.

Driving this around London has been awesome to be honest, shame it has to end, the smile on people’s faces asking me to give them a rev haha makes their day - and seeing the reflection in the shop windows is just the best!

Thanks for the nice message pal

You are very welcome James.
Best wishes fella,

Cheers mate I don’t know maybe what Tom said! I just assumed they were all like mine as I hadn’t payed any attention to others to know the difference

The GTO sold today and went to a lovely young guy who is definitely going to take care of it! Hopefully he will join the forum.

Thank you everyone, this has really been a superb place as a GTO owner to be a member of!

All the best to all


A shame and congrats at the same time ! Being nosey, how much did it sell for? Figure gives a good base for others to sell/buy at

Cheers Reece, sure thing I shook his hand at £11,000