My 1996 GTO MR 13T For Sale

Hi everyone, I am placing my GTO for sale. Just added new pics after collecting the car from Westfields on Saturday.

Blue 1996 GTO MR with Westfields rebuilt forged engine, 13T turbos and all the supporting mods.
12 month MOT
138K vehicle miles (mix of KM and Miles)

I am the 2nd UK owner since it was imported in 2004, I have owned this car since 2019 and have put less that 2000 miles on the car.

The good bits:

It’s a built 13T car mapped on Jester Chrome ECU @ 1 bar boost
Straight original body work, with bonnet repainted in 2020
18 inch Oz Ultraleggera Alloys
Single exit 3 inch exhaust + Sports Cat
K-Sport front Big Brake Kit
Old School Tein HA coilovers
Rare JDM-tite yo CF effect spoiler
Recent work include:
New aux belts & idler, new starter motor, new fuel filter, vac hose refresh, new OEM rear number plate bracket, new OEM coil pack, NGK copper heat range 8 plugs, oil change 2k miles ago. New EE Stainless Steel front pipe.
Pioneer Bluetooth HU (I will also throw in new set of new Pioneer 6x9 speakers as part of a deal)

Not so good bits:

Reverse gear can be notchy when cold
It’s a 26 year old car so expect age related bodywork marks and surface corrosion underneath.
Central locking rattle issue
Common Hot start / idle stumbling when left parked for 10-30 minutes
The front bumper lip suffered a crack
After a heavy bout of rain there might be a bit of water seeping through the roof liner via the Sunroof.
Some part-throttle / part-boost pulsing on 3rd-6th gear acceleration due to these low lag turbos and FMIC!

I am looking for a straight sale with best offers from £8K. Bear in mind I have just spent another £1K+ this month, with a new SS front pipe, new rear license bracket and headlamps etc, and to pass the MOT.

Thanks for reading, and any questions please PM me.


Lovely car, good luck with the sale.

Tracie :paw_prints: :paw_prints: :paw_prints:

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When the Engine was rebuilt it had a new Forged Crank Shaft installed and Brand new pistons with re-bore.

The engine was effective brand new when done.