My 3000GT for sale SOLD!

Well the time has come for me to move on from my lovely 1997 MK2 UKspec 3000GT Twin turbo in RED.
I purchased the car on 16 / 10 / 2002 and since then it has been a weekend summer car for me, and garaged all the time. A few cosmetic mods have been carried out in the way of a hoop spoiler with 3rd brake light. Folding mirrors ( it makes it so much easier to put in the garage) 19 inch Lenso wheels. Full Samco hose replacement in Red. dump valve. Many chrome parts under the bonnet Including a chrome HKS twin mushroom air filter and turbo pipes etc. Polished plenum and Red coloured power coated rocker covers.New heat shield to underside of the bonnet. New upgraded brake discs all round plus Goodrich brake hoses. Cam belt / water pump etc has been carried out twice since my ownership. My lovely car has only covered 38038 yes THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND AND THIRTY EIGHT MILES. The Red paintwork is in a first class condition. My car had her MOT last week and sailed through with no advisories. Any interested parties please pm me and i will be happy to answer any questions. Photos and price upon request.

This car is simply STUNNING. It was some time back, but Bob turned up at a Kent meeting with this car (remember that Bob…?). It was the first time I saw this car, but blimey, I remember to this day just how perfect it was. Good luck with the sale fella.


Hey Mike, Good to hear from you again. I would just like to say Thank You for your kind words about my 3000 GT. I do hope it sells on here and goes to a good home and that person will care for her the way i have. My car has given me endless amouts of pleasure, and just seeing her sitting in my garage makes me feel proud to have owned this car.

strong textJust thought i would bump this as its the Bank holiday weekend and you never know someone out there may be looking to buy a really nice 3000GT.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

You may get more of an uptake with pics.

Never a truer word from beanies :slight_smile:


That looks great, if only I had the money.

FMS!!! (if you know what that stands for then well done!) That is as clean as they come! A lot of love has gone into this car! Why are you selling it?

Maxx i have just purchased a Mecedes SLK 350 as my daily driver now so to
fund this i will be selling my 3000GT . I am in no rush to sell her as the
price i want will be fixed and i will wait for the right person to come
along who wants a car that is one of the best in the UK.

And i do not know what FMS. is
Regards Bob.

You are certainly right that it is one of the best in the country by the looks of it. Good luck with the sale Bob. Fingers crossed it stays in the club. Be sure to mention the club to whoever is lucky enough to buy it!!

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Will do Maxx.

Also thanks for your kind words.

Just thought i would bump this as it may be going on Pistonheads at the weekend.

BUMP. My lovely 3000Gt still for sale if anyone is interested.

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Bump. Now on Auto trader as of tonight. Special price for GTO club members.

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Whats the price for club members??

The price for club members would be 7k

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NOW SOLD. Thanks to all for looking and posting nice comments.



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