My 3000GT

A little pic of my 3000GT twin turbo. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been really enjoying it !


Nice looking car ,welcome to GTOUK :+1:

:astonished: :ok_hand::eyes::eyes::eyes: beautiful…
Welcome to UK

Nice looking car.
Welcome to GTOUK.

Hi and welcome to GTOUK

Nice tidy looking motor :sunglasses:


Welcome to the club - tell us more about your car? It looks really good.
You are in the right place to find out more about these cars and for lots of technical support etc.


welcome to the club :slight_smile:
nice looking car :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, best place to be when you have a GTO lets see a few more photos.

Welcome aboard, nice looking car, whereabouts in the country, not that I want to come and rob it, hahahahaha.

Terry :sunglasses:

Thanks for the kind welcomes.

It’s a Uk car registered in 96 but having checked out various parts on it, it’s a 94 build. Twin turbo with the bigger brakes and turbos but a 5 speeder and the earlier dash and steering wheel and ECS. An early Mk2 I would guess.
The guy I bought it off had only owned it a few months but the previous owner had it 20 years !

I’ve got folders full of receipts from mainly Mitsubishi, even the original sales invoice.

Underneath is in fantastic condition, I doubt it’s seen much of any winter, it’s all undersealed and I’ve been going around the nooks and crannies with Dinitrol and Dynax to keep it remaining rust free.

A few years ago I was big into Skylines but needed to go more practical for a while and when I came back to look for another recently I found that for a third vehicle and mostly a toy, Skylines were far too expensive for me so I started looking for something else and I’d always liked GTO’s/3000GT’s so I started looking and found this one.

The plan was to keep it as it was, standard apart from wheels, but I’ve already succumbed and changed to a Mongoose stainless cat back and I also put the Evo X wheels on. I’ve got an Apexi filter coming but I won’t be doing any other mechanical mods, I want to keep it so that it can be returned to standard at the moment.

I’ve done a full service, all synthetic oils throughout, Silkolene 10w50 pro in the engine and a mix of motul and mobil gearoils.

The main things letting it down if I’m honest are scratches on the bonnet and windows so i’ll have to get the bonnet resprayed and probably look for some side window glass and maybe a windscreen to make it perfect.

Oh and I’m from Lancashire, Just outside of Blackburn.



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