My baby is finally out of storage! Mk1 TT

Hi guys, I’ve owned her for 8 years and took her off the road 3 years ago as the clutch is slipping and I need a centre exhaust . So I polished her and wrapped her up. This Sunday I unwrapped her and moved her to my new house and spent the day cleaning and making a list of things to do, so thought I would join and share my pics :+1:


Hello and welcome. the car looks good considering its been in storage for 3 yrs!!


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Hi and welcome to GTOUK.

Tidy looking motor matey.


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Welcome along mate, nice looking car is it modded at all power wise etc.
Cheers Dave :sunglasses:

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Hi and welcome mate
Nice bunch on here :grinning:

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Hi Will,

where you from?, looks just like the black GTO I saw Sunday morning near Redditch, have a look at my ‘was it you post’, nice motor and welcome aboard.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the comments guys. I wasn’t in the position to do the work, so I put a layer of Mer before storing and after a couple of hours on Sunday she was looking good again, just got to get through my list to get her on the road again.

It wasn’t me Terry, mines a H plate although I am in your neck if the woods… I’m over in Kinver near Kidderminster.

Dave, She doesn’t have too many mods…has a stainless exhaust Inc decat, HKS filter, BOV and grooved n vented discs with yellowstuff pads.

It’s a tricky balance trying to run a new business, feed 5 kiddoes AND pander to my Japanese mistress (one of two as I have modded a Shogun too as my daily… need 7 seats and no way I’m having a soccer mom bus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but I won’t be stopped, she was an unloved abused example when I rescued her from a chav :cry:

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