My dog


How sad I am, to have lost you. We met under such lucky circumstances, I was just visiting and there were you, without a family. I was still greving my loss even then after all the time that had passed, you were there scared as you had seamed to have spent most of your life, your early life had been explained to me and I was sad for you, but still I was not willing to allow you into my life after my earlier loss. I went home and against my better judgment mentioned you. I was persuaded to re-visit you in your temporary home. You had been offered to 4 other families who found your needs too challenging, I had chatted to your carers about how I had experience with challenging behaviour they were keen for you to come and join my little family. I remember vividly your love of food, with a treat in my hand you came out of the safety of your home, in to view, tummy rumbling, taking my offerings and retreating to your safe place.

When I came back I remember your carers looking pleased to see me and JC, we chatted and took you out for a short while, we were smitten knowing that we could offer you all of what you needed and you what we needed, after your carers placed a call or two and two days passed you were at home with us, you loved it, we loved it keeping you out of the bath was difficult. I dusted off the stuff you would need to be with us, again reminding me of my previous loss, but now was a new time, a time to move on, not forget but a time to feel happy and enjoy. And we did you made us laugh again.

We were on the move again, and off to the farm, your huge space where you were so safe. Nothing to feel in fear of, the freedom to explore, no perceivable parameters, open doors, the sun shining down as you rolled in the grass. We decided very early on that unless absolutely necessary you would never leave here, not when we went away you had a fan club, who loved to come here and spend time with you. Toys and treats were lavished on you to the point where sometimes upon our return we sometimes felt you wished we were still away, we know you were just being aloof because we left you and soon enough you were sharing your boundless love again.

The time passed so very quick though, where it has gone I really don’t know, you, unperceivable to me at the time, slowed down, ambling along, taking your time, pace slowed, now I can see it much clearer. Odd really as I like to think I see these things, but I did miss them mostly. There were two occasions really where it was perceivable
You were very ill, peritonitis was its name, well it nearly killed you, and we were beside our selves. We prayed for you and were blessed with your complete recovery.

The next time was the last time, we all, including you fought hard. You were already in years beyond what anyone could have in any dreams hoped for, you groaned and creaked, you didn’t look sad for yourself. We were so scared to loss you, after all these years in our lives. This is where we had choices, choices to be made for you against our needs, but we have to make them never the less.

I wanted you to stay with us, but my love for you helped me to make the right choice for you. I knew you were not coming home with me on Monday, I avoided spending time with you in the morning, you took your medication and ate your breakfast with no fuss, you ran to the van knowing you were going out, to the only place we ever took you, where you were always a good patient, never rude or unruly, good natured till the very end. I took the decision to end your life out of love, the love you showed us, and those lucky enough to have known you. As you sat for the last time I felt your bum hit the floor, I asked you to lay down, I was and am still so very sad I wanted us to run, home to your safe place where the sun shone the grass was soft. You did lie down I was already crying not caring who saw. I held you; we looked at each other, your beautiful eyes looking in mine. You knew, we knew………………
As the life ebbed from you I felt retched and relieved at the same time. You left me, so quickly, I know you were ready. I could not leave you; I had never left you anywhere but at home.
I closed your eyes, still unable to let you go, when I did you looked as if you were just sleeping, I thought your nails needed clipping again remember how I would do a foot in a sitting so you didn’t get too fed up with it.

The drive home without you was …………was………….
I am still not sure how I got home, through those eyes…………………….
Everyone was here except JC, she now knew the decision had been taken I hadn’t told anyone what was going on, so I decided to get away, I waited for JC and then we came home, without you the first time ever…………………………

A true friend gone

Holsten a Rotweiler and family member

My god that is beautiful, had me in floods of tears, a truly honourable way to pay your respects. Not really sure what to say tbh :cry: :cry:

That is so sad. Sorry to hear about your loss.



So sorry.

I couldn’t read all your post as the same experience is still too fresh for me, but I know it will have been so heart felt.

I wont ‘go on’ cause no one can say anything to make you feel at better at the moment, I know, but you are not on your own, we are thinking about you.

Hang in there, the good memories - without the tears - will come back eventually.

Tracie & Stevie :cry:


Hang in there, the good memories - without the tears - will come back eventually.

Tracie & Stevie :cry:[/quote]

Such true words Rob

we can look back and laugh now at the exploits and some of the situations our Rotty got us into bless him

Difficult time and reading it did take me back to that day a couple of years ago ,

Sorry to hear of your loss

They leave us but are never forgotten


Craig :slight_smile:

:cry: :cry:


Rob that’s a lovely tribute to a much loved pet.

J :cry:

Tribute, is the word, having been in that situation not so long ago how can you put so much together. I first read this last night & to be quite honest I was in pieces before i got to the end. So I said to the other half (Bee) read this post, as I pulled it up I had to walk away, I just said to her read this & see what you think, she read it, came up to me hugged me, we both looked down at our dog, all they want is a loving home & people that care, soo sad, all the best mate :frowning: