My firs GTO

Hello I just bought my first GTO and I heard this car have lots of history in this club, will be coming to silverstone in Sunday to meet some members


Here you go might need a brew though

Welcome to GTOUK car has been well looked after by Scott !

It’s very far from perfect but I will get there, lots of rust behind front wheels that’s worries me

Hi Jack,

Yeh that was @ScottMR car. He spent a good few £££ sorting it out.
It is an MR so light weight chassis without active aero or 4WS - ABS was optional- just look for the multiple brake lines running by the air filter if they are missing no ABS.

Hope you enjoy the car. Get the rust looked at ASAP if it’s just surface rust just rub back at treat with rust conversion such as fe-123 and paint and seal etc.

Don’t forget to sign up to full membership- gives access to all the club areas and hope you manage to get out to a few meetings.


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Thanks James will do