My first GTO - Shaun12345

hi all :slight_smile: just bought my first GTO after years of the 300zx, needed a change, no nothing of her yet so will be looking for help. :slight_smile: Shaun in Bedford


Hey Shaun welcome to the club.
Get a couple of photos up.
Also take a nose at the buyers guide if you haven’t already as this might help you see something in your car :slight_smile:

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Hi @shaun12345 welcome to GTOUK

you have made 2 really wise choices

1 Bought a GTO
2 Joined up on GTOUK

Craig :laughing:


Hi Shaun welcome to the club! :blush: Get some photos up!
Ali :blush:

Hi mate welcome to the club :+1:t3:

Welcome dude! Pics of the GTO and the fairlady! I came here from a Silvia! Where abouts are you from?

He said Bedford Max :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Get some pics up dude, the only way you’ll quieten us down, :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry :sunglasses:

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…& a pic of the fairlady too! a soft spot for the old 300ZX :wink:


Me too nearly bought one before this Gto

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I seem to remember you begging for pics of my Silvia when I joined @goo_chummer Is it all old Nissans??

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Congratulations and welcome to the community.


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