My first GTO ... some issues

Hi guys, newbie here, and I recently purchased my first GTO, its the 1991 NA model, but we have to start from somewhere.

Im having two issues, which im not sure if they are related:

firstly the car is sluggish on acceleration at low revs/ low speeds. At high speed on the motorway it seems to be ok. Im hoping its just fresh set of spark plugs, and maybe HT leads should sort that out

Second issue is that i am getting the overheating Catalytic converter light come on the dash. But I know its not over heating as its on constantly. As in first thing in the morning when the car is stone cold
but the light stays on.

Any one has any ideas? or has had this issue before? Ive read online that there is chance of a blocked Cat.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi seyed, welcome!

there are people on here way more qualified than me to give a view.

but if it was me, I would use that as an excuse the to uprate the plug and leads and swap the cat for this:

Hi seyed

Welcome to GTOUK first things first let’s see some pictures of your new wheels - everyone likes pics here. Also for reference the newbie section is for introductions only - the technical questions you ask are in other areas of the site accessible to full members- you are more than welcome to join and become a part of the community for just £20 a year :+1:



Hi, as James says , get some pics up and sign up as a member. Welcome and best of luck with the car.

Hi and welcome

Sorry to hear you are having issues , low end grunt could very well be the motors on the plenum not functioning , an n/a has a different set up to the tt plenum , been covered a fair bit in the tech sections

Cat light , quite possible it’s been decatted and the sensor wires needs
sorting again it’s been covered loads


Craig :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your prompt response, literally before i saw your link, I placed an order for that decat! at least it should sound goood!

Thank you, apologies i didnt realize, :thinking: i will sure join as a proper member,

as for photos, the car looks abit grubby at the moment, sexy pics will follow soon,!:rofl:

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For gods sake don’t send james sexy pictures , he will send you some back that even bleaching your eyes won’t get rid of


thanks for the info, i will look into it, not even sure what plenum motors are…:crazy_face:

as for the CAT, its not been dectted, bought it from a nice old guy who had imported it back in 1994, never watched fast and furious , so luckily its very very OEM. :laughing::laughing:

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Craig you loved that picture I sent - a little too much apparently :thinking: don’t worry I will send a new laminated one :joy:



I did mate I made loads of copies and put them on all the local school gates warning about a monster in the area :rofl:


Welcome to GTOUK @seyed !

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Welcome to gtouk

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welcome to the club and my cars in bits at moment so just snap a few pics we all been there not meny cars are perfect when you 1st get them :thinking:

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