My GT Red Devil owned about 10 years now, still only showing 65000 miles

Ok I’ve managed find some pickys, Looking to repalce cam belt water pump, be it goes back onthe road, I can di the the work myself, best price place for parts. Thanks in Advance.


Nice car you got there red not black :wink: but it’s very nice indeed.
Jerry :grinning:

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Injector cover plate… Not fair lol
Looks great mate :+1:
Best colour too…oh pooh I’m supposed to be neutral now lol


very nice mate :sunglasses:

Very nice,what rims are they?

You know i can not remmember will have a looks brought them about 9 years ago :sunglasses:

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Suit the car a treat with the deep dish look

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Nice pictures matey, lookin good!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Leon
Good to see you on board, car looks great l like those rims as well.

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It looks good :+1: Try @GSXRKID Rob for the parts !

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