My GTO is back on the road

Finally got my MR GTO back on the road. Been a busy year rescuing Great Danes and I have neglected him.

Ready for the MoT next week


Nice one TJ :sunglasses:

As being as you have been rescuing doggies though you are forgiven mate , that’s a great thing in itself

Craig :slight_smile:


Thanks for the pic it helps motivate me to be in that position…eventually


Looking good mate well done, great achievement :+1:

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Good to see you back TJ, the AGM is in Coventry this Saturday if you can make it.



Great feeling isn’t it TJ, have to get mine finished so I can attend meets in it :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:


I have commissioned a new stainless steel exhaust and I need a Lambda sensor, Amber & evil empire don’t have any. Could you give me an idea where to get one please? Just a standard one, I am not interested in having an extra gauge.

Yes it is. Great to be blasting around with full twin turbo power again.

Pretty sure @DavePerky bought brand new from the dealers , I’ve also heard a ford one can be used

Craig :grinning:

Thanks Craig, any idea has to the cost please?

Pretty sure once Dave sees he’s tagged in this he will let you know how much he paid :sunglasses:

Craig :grinning:

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:slight_smile: thank you…

What year is it mate ? Mk2 4 bolt mitsubishi dealers had 2 left in uk when I bought mine @intothedepths_jc just changed his got a bit of discount about ÂŁ240

Thank you. It is an import. The MR version 1996/1997. Twin turbo. Dave.

At that kind of price I might as well buy the digital wideband kit from Amber at ÂŁ166.50

Up to you mate but I went stock car runs perfect and although not really an issue I now get 26 mpg on a run at well above speed limits, your lighter anyway so would see an even higher mpg.
Pays for itself in long run give mitsubishi a ring see what they can do.

Will do. Dave. Thank you. Already running a decat straight through with a couple of boxes on the end. Looking at a separate twin pipe front pipe instead of the usual jobbie. I had a stupid thought about side pipes. But then I got a slap. :slight_smile:

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I had a stupid thought today about cutting up my bonnet, now there is a second hand bonnet in the garden.:disappointed_relieved:


Have to say the mpg has definitely increased with a decent 02 sensor.