My GTO TT for sale

My Blue (Fiji metallic) GTO TT is for sale. Passed MOT 25/7/22,no advisories. No rust or corrosion. Paintwork better than average. Moon roof, S/S exhaust, nice alloys, quite good leather seats.
Not sure what its value is but I think about £6000.0 OVNO Car is in North Devon.
More information: car runs well, too fast for me (70 this year) so keeping my N/A version but this may also be for sale later (owned this for 20 years).
Gearbox rebuilt all new synchro’s.
Rear steering deleted some years ago.Almost new Kumho tyres.owned since 2008 but not used much. Has dump valve and some type of electronic boost control I never understood. However, when ECU doctor checked it out it is a chip connected onto the main ecu chip it has two potentiometers which I do not understand. Decat pipe available came without Cat but is fitted for MOT.


@CDMH ???

If the car is running with no issues and a clean MOT then I would value that higher - good TTs on eBay are starting around 10k :+1:


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It’s also a super rare Tahiti Blue Car with a nice looking leather interior, I agree with James should be £10,000 to £12,000 min

Just a few more photo’s to show condition, now I found how to upload.
Things that do not work but never troubled me:-
Alarm disables but remote locking sometimes works needs attention but been like i since I owned it.
Active Aero’s both present but not working.
Active suspension, been replaced with non active suspension before I got it.
Electric mirrors unplugged as they work randomly, now fixed.
Just tried aircon,not cold so guess it needs regas. New dryer and re gas booked in to be done first week September.
Everything else works well.
Update new SIgma cat 1 alarm just fitted.


As I said and looking at your pictures- that’s a 10k car all day mate :+1: