My mk2 is up for sale

Yeh I know I haven’t exactly had it for long but I’ve learnt that I’m not yet at the point where I want a GTO just yet. I love GTO’s and this car is no different.

The asking price is £2500

The car itself is absolutely spot on although there are a few small things that need doing. The body needs a respray and the clutch will need doing at some point.

If anyone on here is interested then pm me and we can negotiate something.

P.S Im not walking out of the forum, I just need some time to readjust before I come back on the GTO scene.

Sorry to hear this buddy, good luck with the sale.


That seems a real shame. The car looks very decent. I’m gonna ask if you really need to sell it - it’s way too good to sell for a song, and it looks like you’ve graced Eurospec with it.
If you need a hand doing that clutch let me know. You can do it and I’ll guide you, or I’ll do it and you can help.


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Now that’s an offer no one should be able to refuse!! :slight_smile:

Ahaha so far the best offers ive had are swaps for a 300zx tt auto and celica st205 gt4. Someone even had the nerve to offer me a 2001 318 auto!! xD

Im getting the clutch sorted sometime this week but thanks for offering your help. Maybe once its fitted and I can drive the car properly again it’ll win me over and i’ll remove the for sale ad!!

By the way guys, why are our cars so under valued?? A good condition twin turbo mk2 is considerably cheaper than a ragged r33 gtr which imo is an inferior machine

I could be very interested in this for myself, lol typical I’ve just bought a mk1 non turbo that is having Autobox done today & now I spot this…Will text you on your number from Gumtree…Voodoo…