My most humble apology

I am disgusted with myself! I am forever in the debt of a very special little man! We have all come to love him and his funny little cowboy boots. I can only apologise repeatedly for not showing my thanks and appreciation for all the help and advice and tea and food this lil’guy has given me. So i would just like to say a very massive and heartfelt thank you to the miniture legend that is Mr David ‘Boo’ Philips

:praise: :praise: :praise:


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice one Rossi .

Boo is certainly a busy man , hes appearing in the latest smurf film , is a stunt double for ewoks and has to look after Snow White too , but he still finds time to sort your motors out as well as working his ass off at work .

On a serious note the guy is seriously helpful and always willing to lend a mate a hand . From driving to Sheffield to help Stevie and Tracie out as well as driving to Redditch to lend a hand on a past members car .

There are quite a few like Boo in this club which makes it what it is 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

Ps thats got to be worth a few beers Dave for such a glowing character reference ??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Boo is amonst one of the top blokes in our club. Always prepared to help people where he can. Very passionate about GTOUK and our cars. :smiley:

May come across at meets as a quiet guy, but dont be fooled :lol:


thank guys for the kind words
rossi i was only joking .you know where i am when you need somat fixing …AT WORK TAKE YER ■■■■■■ CARS SOMEWHERE ELSE :wave:

I know you were but it still needed saying, i know you couldnt fall out with your new son!! :smiley: