My order

Hey Rob,

My parts haven’t arrived yet. Any idea where the hold up is?

Further to our conversation last week my mushroom intake only has “M’s” as a manufacturers name. I’ve never heard of them. Can I do a straight swap with a K&N or would I need some adaptation? K&N is the nice noisy one you spoke about, isn’t it?

Alan W

sorry to but in.

M’s on a K&N filter is quite common, M’s = Mines they do alot of tuning in japan, and have their own range of K&N filters, with thier own logos on.

hope this helps



Hi Alan,

Everything is here ready to be dispatched, we are just waiting for the Stainless Steel Y Pipe to come back from having the extra Air temperature bung TIG welded onto it for the MAFT PRO.

I am picking the Y Pipe up in the morning and everything will be dispatched to you tomorrow, for a Wednesday delivery by Citylink.

Cheers Rob

OK ta

The bits all arrived yesterday - many thanks Rob.