NEC BIRMINGHAM 2021 12th - 14th November

The NEC has come round once again.
There is a possibility of 3 cars at this event, please if interested put your names forward below.
If you want to attend as a spectator please use the GTOUK code in the image below.



I would have been really interested in this but wouldn’t be able to get the Friday off. No one would teach my class lol.


I will be attending.
Working the Sunday, but either the Friday or Saturday looks good.
I’ll sort out a ticket.


I am going to attend one day with my rc gto :slightly_smiling_face:


Fab Lukas be great to see you.

Saturday or Sunday ???

Saturday, maybe sunday as well.

Hi all
This amazing event is getting closer and will be great to see as many members as possible.
Up to a limit we will have wrist bands available to join on the stand and these will give free daily access to the event.
It’s on a Friday Saturday Sunday.
6 halls plus with all kinds of classic cars, TV personalities and lots of other activities, stalls selling all sorts including restoration products.
Indoors so if the weather is not good it does not matter
Extra distancing for Covid.
Please come on down and join us who are already going.
Look forward to meeting any members new or old.
If anyone would like to show their car please let us know.
Thanks everybody.

I have tried to use that code will not let me use it

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Sorry we must have received the wrong code from the organisers.
Just waiting on a reply for the correct code.

We are also waiting to hear how many wristbands will be made available to us.
Hopefully you could make use of one of these.
We should hear in the next few days.

Correct club code.



Oh bought through nec never mind see you Sunday

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We should have the wristbands soon, so will arrange how to get them to people as soon as we confirm.
If anyone else is interested please let us know.
We should have 12 passes for each day so plenty if anyone else would like to come to the show.

Jerry - fri,sat,sun (with car)
Jensen - fri,sun (pos car)
Kawascouse - day ticket
Marty_k - Friday or Saturday
Lukas - Saturday Sunday

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ill be going on sunday so be good to see a few of the guys again ,just bought a pearl white mk1 tt with moonroof. glutton for punishment lol

Be good to see you there


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I will be there on the Saturday

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To add to the list
Scot (Scoob) Sunday
Artur with car Friday to Sunday.

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If any of the members visiting the show would like to make use of the free entry wristbands could you contact @jerry_SC on here.
He can arrange to meet you with the pass at the event.

We have 18 passes available so if anyone else would like to visit using a pass please let us know.

@Marty_K @sco1gto @lukas @artur


Messaged jerry last night mate cheers see u Sunday


So folks across the three days we have at least 6 available wrist bands to come and be with us in hall 5 and visit this amazing event.
Be great to see some more of you there.
Just pm me and we can meet on the day.
Look forward to more of you there.