NEC Event Birmingham 23rd March 2023

I have applied for a stand for 4 cars.

Details will follow when I get confirmation.



For those who haven’t been before, this was our stand at the NEC and some insight into the event, all indoor, hopefully we’ll be able to accommodate 3/4 cars on the stand, it’s a 3 day event for your car, on the stand.

This will mean a hotel stay in the area, close to the NEC they are quite pricey :roll_eyes:, but we’ve previously found some decent priced hotels :grin:.

If you might be interested in this, let us know, more pics of previous events at the NEC on the GTOUK Facebook page.

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


Im game if you want my car there, providing I’m not racing but won’t know until we get the race calendar early jan

V pleased to read that the club will be at the NE C in March. These are fantastic events and I am sure the club will put on an excellent display of GTO,s and 3000gt,s.
A great place for the club to be.