Nec practical classic car show 23rd-25th March

(Tracy Parkin) #22

To give you an idea of the show this is a walk around of Hall 5 where we were last time and are again this time.

I spotted our Club flag and Jerry’s car from a distance but he didn’t actually walk past us :persevere:


(Jerry Castle) #23

Now Dan (silverfox) is with us as well, excellent.

(Jerry Castle) #24

Great post, really gives an idea of how there shows are.

(Tom Keep) #25

I’ll come that’s my b day weekend. How much are tickets? I can do the 24th on the Saturday ?

(Jensen Richardson) #26

Hi Tom are you planning on helping out on the stand for a while?
If so @jerry_SC might have a ticket.
I’m not sure if any are left for Saturday, but if not I think we can purchase some at discounted prices.
Jerry will be able to let you know.

(Jerry Castle) #27

As it stands now Tom I should be able to swop a Friday for a Saturday if you want to spend some time on the stand, talking about the club and cars, we get hundreds of visitors!!
For visiting the on the door price is £21, £18 if you pre-book on line.
Hope to see you there.

(Tom Keep) #28

Year mate, I can help. What’s involved? Got the ok from the boss, I don’t really know much about these cars like u guys. I’ll buy a day ticket online and come see you lot :slight_smile:

(Jensen Richardson) #29

Be great to see you Tom.
You don’t have to know loads about the cars.
Answer the questions that you can, and when you get a difficult one just do what I do.
Pass them over to Jerry :joy:

(Tracy Parkin) #30


Jerry SC (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Jensen (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Kevin (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Steve (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Tracie (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Mark L (Sat/Sun)
Lukas (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Scott (day to be confirmed)
Dan (Sat/Sun)
Stan HRC
Aaron (Sunday)
Tom (Saturday)


(Jerry Castle) #31

Getting closer and closer, hope there is some of you out there who will visit this show, it’s a great event and Gtouk will start the show scene this year with an excellent presentation, so come along and see how we are in the classic car world.

(David Perkins) #32

I would have loved to but Anna goes under the knife Tuesday… not ignoring the nec just feeling guilty… will be full time daddy care for a few weeks…
Kids let’s party :joy:

Sorry Dave

(Jerry Castle) #33

Trust all will go well Dave, and thats more important than a car show, Daddy cool l reckon.

(Kevin Rhodes) #34

Suppose I best blow the cobwebs off and start getting her clean ready for the nec :grin:

(Jensen Richardson) #35

Been getting Sulley ready.
Was down the garage with Bears brother Diesel.
Finished late. Came straight home threw him in the bath. Now he can sleep over for the weekend.

(Hwoarang ) #36

Would love to attend this however my calendar is booked up…

Any chance one of you guys can record a few vids.
When’s the next one?

(Jensen Richardson) #37

We will get loads of pics/vids from the event.
We also have the facebook page,that we usually go live from at events @Hwoarang.
Sure you have probably seen this already.
The next nec show is in November, @jerry_SC will be organising this.
It’s a limited space event so when he gets stand size confirmation he will post up.

(Kevin Rhodes) #38

@jensenrichardson did you manage to sort some sort of mirror for underneath yet :grin:

(Jensen Richardson) #39

Steve is seeing if he get me something.

(James Jones) #40

I know of a place where they have ceiling mirrors :joy:

(Kevin Rhodes) #41

I’d be interested in some ceiling mirrors :wink: