Nec practical classic car show 23rd-25th March

(Jensen Richardson) #1

The Nec show is a bit different from the usual meets/events we do.
It is an event that thousands of people come to over the 3 days.
Our stand gets alot of visitors, with people wanting to talk about our wonderful cars.
The show is a great day out for families with loads to see.
Are any members planning on visiting the show over the weekend?
With each nec show we are always looking for members who would like to help out on the stand. This could be anything from a few hours on one day, or the full 3 days of the event.
We have a limited number of free tickets that we can offer to members who would like to help out.
Again this is a huge event with some really great cars and loads to see.
It would be great to see members at the event.
Enjoying the day or helping out.

(Jerry Castle) #2

l second that Jensen, but seriously it would be great to get any support, its a real chance to raise the profile of the club and the cars, talk to people who know very little about our cars, and see lots of other great classic cars of all variety. There are shows and stands as well from the nagazines and car shows like wheeler dealers, plus lots lots more, so to all those new and fairly new members and eveyone else in the club come and meet us on our stand in hall 5 at the NEC, looking for help on the stand, we share the time so everybody can take in the rest of the event, irs our first one of the season, come and see, at least, the famous Hulk car, Jensens fabulous Mk 2 resto (check out the under body work) Kevins gleaming black Mk1, and my 99 mk4.
We have worked hard to get into these shows at the NEC and it the place to be from 23rd to 25th March
See you there, cheers all.

(Lukasz Sojka) #3

I am planning to go. I would like to help out with the stand. Anyway I have got 2 flags.

(Jensen Richardson) #4

That’s great @lukas.
Do you know what days you are planning on coming.

(Mark Leach) #5

I Am there Saturday and Sunday

(Lukasz Sojka) #6

I think all. What time starts in friday?

(Tracy Parkin) #7

Opens at 10am on Friday Lukas.

Full information on website HERE


(Jerry Castle) #8

Great Lukas
Look forward to you joining us

(Lukasz Sojka) #9

I have just look at the floor plan. It is huge! GTOUK is on 5-495 and close to the restaurant.

(Lukasz Sojka) #10

Is that the correct address?

(Tracy Parkin) #11

Yes Lukas :hugs:


(Tracy Parkin) #12

@jerry_SC how many free tickets do we have for Club Members now if we have any left guess we should be offering them up for grabs with only 3 weeks to go.


(Jerry Castle) #13

I flagged up about them already earlier in the thread but here is a list so that we are sure. Stan from Hartlepool Radiator Company will be joining us again, he is doing the fuel tanks and intercoolers etc being offered via the club.
We will have at least 10 tickets per day, maybe 12 as we initially thought 5 cars, now it’s 4, so will let Clarion know in case they want them back, they are quite strict and l want us to be in the frame for future shows and not be seen to get more than we should and take advantage.
we can also swop tickets from one day to another as long as it is done before 12am.
As it stands

Jerry SC
Mark L (Sat/Sun)
Lukas (Fri/Sat/Sun)
Scott (day to be confirmed
Dan (Sat/Sun)
Stan HRC

So at least 2 for Sat/Sun and 3 for Fri
Looking for those who want to be with us on the stand to help with the presentation for some of the three days and also to enjoy the rest of the show as well.
Going to be pushing it harder as well now we are into March.

(Jerry Castle) #14

Waiting to see who wants to be there.

(Jerry Castle) #16

Hope to see other members as well, it’s a great family show, care bears rides, good for kids, indoors, people off the telly like wheeler dealers, all the stalls for car stuff, tools, loads of other things, all the classic vehicles
It’s a big event, maybe 30k visitors a so why not come and enjoy it on one of the days.
For those visiting but not doing the stand, tickets can be bought on line before the show or on the door on the day.

(Aaron Ellis) #17

I may be able to attend this on the sunday :slight_smile: trying to get that saturday off work is proving to be difficult but sunday im free

(Jensen Richardson) #18

Great @aaron1991ellis
Be good to see you there.

(Jensen Richardson) #19

I know @ScottMR was going to see if he could make it down for a day as well.

(Scott Robertshaw) #20

yup ill be showing my face

(Jerry Castle) #21

Great Scott, be good to see you there, which day/days will you do?
Cheers mate