Need a new quote


Claire intends to start using the GTO as a shopping trolly whilst I take our cheap car to work every day.

Currently I am insured with Liverpool Victoria - and the policy runs out next month.

I am 33 years old … but Claire is only 26. They have refused to quote me with her on my policy (not sure if I like it that she’ll then only be TPFT).

Any suggestions?

Please bear in mind that my car has an insane amount of modifications - most of which Id struggle to remember if I had to list them. All the large companies like Tesco’s are useless since the amount of modifications make the car uninsurable in their eyes.

Homer suggested at TV that he may have a good quote … all things considered at this point!

Thanks in advance.


Try Allen and Allen they have just insured my 19 yr old son on the GTO with me as named driver (would not do it in my name for him to drive as this lowers the ££ they get obviously)

£3995 was the price he paid for the luxury of driving my car but they did do it

So your partner at 26 should not have too much trouble

other possibility is First Alternative

good luck

Adam, as promised


Have you tried A-Plan’s thatcham office?

They didn’t add anything for any of my mods, or my points :lol:

Oh - and I’m 25, and they cover me!