Need a valuation for my insurance ? help

my new insurance company needs a valuation for my aggreed value insurance … does anyone in the club do this


I’m no expert on this, but I assume you’d look at how much cars of a similar age and mileage to yours are selling for (eg on autotrader) then add the cost of adding all your mods to it.

Then agree that ‘replacement value’ with your insurers.

If you need something in writing, then I would contact one of the traders on here that run a garage.


I guess this varies from company to company. I went through Sky Insurance and had to provide a list of mods so that they can be replaced like-for-like should the need arise, but didn’t need to have a written valuation - pictures sufficed.

no my insurance need this in writing ,from an independant source…
really thought someone from the club could help me?

Could you use Parkers? They quote as '95 3000Gt with 40k on the clock as worth:

Franchise Dealer: £3895
Independant: £3775
Private Good: £3265
Private Poor: £2250

Obviously this doesn’t incluse your extra’s.

We would be happy to provide a written valuation, but you would have to bring it down for an inspection.