Need advice on valuations

Hello I am a newbie to the GTO forum.

We have had a family bereavement who owned four Mitsubishi 3000GT cars. I would like some help understanding the realistic value of these cars which have different specifications. The cars are in the London area and safely stored and are looking to sell, hence need to understand realistic values. Would it be possible for a knowledgeable person to visit or have a discussion about this. Some pointers about the details required would also be useful.

Please send me a way of contacting you to arrange an initial conversation and I will also give contact details to enable. As I am new to the forum not exactly sure of protocal here.

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First I would like to offer my condolences to you and your family. This must be a difficult time. in regards to valuation this is a grey area as depends what model it is, age, condition, mileage, rust ect. Also if these car’s still run and a bit more history about the cars help. If you are able to post some pictures as this would help to give better answers. They really do vary in price and I’m sure a few people from this club can help in regards to this.

P.'s - try and avoid selling to a guy called Ibrahim from London as from what we hear he just thrashes cars and sells very bad examples

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As said above.

I visit London often with work and could pop by for a look. All depends on whereabouts you are really.




Thank you for replying…and thank you for your kind offer.

However through the forum I am now in contact with a committee member and started discussions on valuation with him. I will continue with this and may contact yourself at a later date.

if you are looking to sell i might be intrested in buying one if you have more information once youve had them valued

I’m in Reading during the week if you need additional help. Also might be interested in one, depending