Need it gone £2750

This needs to go…where are all the buyers? I’ve had nobody apart from one part ex guy, and someone wanting me to ship it to Italy!

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1995 gto non turbo 5 speed manual

I could have made more money parting out my na if I was in a better situation, I sold it for £1600 total waste of time bud.
Sorry not much help, Dave

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Yeah, it’s true…but I have no time or space to break a car…or enough tools to enable it. Its too nice to pull apart. The problem is that now it’s sitting around and not getting used that’s never good for a car either!

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I’m the same put mine up for sale in multiple sites not even had an enquiry

@bowiespacemonkey @stuartgordon977 both your cars have now been added to our Facebook GTOUK as a slide show for sale with direct links back to here.
Hope this helps, Dave


very nice car that one should sell easy for that price ,pices are goin up for these in good condition .advertise it on the gto sites and on facebook sites mate theres always someone out there that will buy it just takes time .

Thanks for this! Appreciated


Thanks for the assistance pal


Now boosted to all gto/3000gt and classic car pages I have. Ssh I’m not on here it’s my anniversary :joy:

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Everyone PING Dave on FB :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tracie :rabbit:


Latest unresistable offer…!

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Guy is dreaming :rofl:

GL with the sale mate, real tidy looking, love the wheels.
Roughly what are you looking for? I’ve got a friend who’s always wanted a GTO, doubt he’s up for buying one atm given space issues but I’ll show him the car anyway

Doh - ignore the question, just read the title lol!

You can give it a go! Its in better overall condition than the new gto I have now. All it really needs is an oil change and could use a 4 wheel alignment…some people would sell a pants one for more on eBay for sure!