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Hi guys, just joined up so thanks for having me lol I have a 1991 gto na which is original except evo wheels (still is cassette player which I play 80/90s tapes on) but I have a lot of fiends into japs who have all modified their cars and have me under pressure to do the same but I quite like the originality of the car (previous car was a supra which I spent savings on, much to the wife’s horror) anyway opinions would be appreciated on mod or not.

Thanks Alex

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That all depends on what you want, stock examples are getting a rare sight now, slowly the gto scene has just caught up and we are starting to see restored stock examples coming through as well as tasty resto mods. Stock cars suddenly are starting to gain attention with the purists


These days original cars seem to be worth the most

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To be honest I think keeping it as is is almost like a time machine for me taking me back to my youth which makes drive it more of an event lol maybe that’s silly lol

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You can always keep it looking stock and beef up the power!
That way you’ll have a sleeper!
Stock looking car with 400+ponies is nice
And it’s quite easy to achieve as long as the engine is healthy.
Jerry :grinning:

I’ve kept mine looking standard from the outside and went a bit crazy under the hood so the best of both :grin:

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Under the ‘hood’ has a pair of DR750 billet turbos and big fuel setup. Currently pushing 450-500 horses with toluene mixed fuel. But looks unassuming as an H reg motor with tired paintwork can be.