Needs a coil pack

Anyone got a tt coil pack for me, not having much luck so far this year, thieving bastards robbed my work van leaving me unable to transport my welding gear round so I’m having to make my gto do a bit! Started it yesterday morning , went up the road and she started spluttering and misfiring while accelerating … Put brand new spark plugs in it - still doing it. It’s unlikely it’s my leads as they are fairly new magnacores. I’m gonna try replacing a coil pack as I reckon it’s only 1 ov them playing up. If anybody has 1 lying around drop me a text or ring me. 07927256701. Was chatting to rob At evil empire n he reckons it could be a whole number of things , coil packs new are 150 each so bein as I’m not that flush at the moment with not bein able to earn I need to get the old girl running properly again so I can get to do my graft ! Any help would be grateley appreciated - cheers - matt

I will have a Look at work and see if i can find some thing for you that works properly

Cheers Rob

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alrite rob , right following our conversation i set about eliminating this shitty misfire, i changed the spark plugs, got a single coil pack off ebay for a 10er and systermatically changed it for each of mine and tested it each time and no joy , started thinking it was fuel starvation so i got a new fuel filter , no change , all boost pipes sealed, tryed turning the boost right down , no change, , maaan im pissed off lol i reckon its ecu breakdown now i think thats next on the list to try what you reckon -mat

The other thing to try would be the PTU. Use the old screwdriver to the ear trick and see if you can find out which cylinder(s) are misfiring. If it is 2 that are inline with each other (1&4, 2&5, 3&6) then it would point at either a coil or the PTU. Or as you have said the ECU is another common problem. If you open the ECU casing and look for signs of leaking capacitors it might give you an idea.

is the ecu an easy fix or have i got to empty a wheelbarrow full of money on it

ECU doctor seems to be the general consensus as being the people to go to. I haven’t used them myself but a lot of people have. @DavePerky you have used them haven’t you?

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Yes max not had a problem that way since having mine done expensive but well worth knowing it’s all good, second hand ones are a waste of time tbh.


I have recently Ecu done from Ecu docter down in devon…£50 quid to check if there is anything wrong with it …if Ecu is faulty then they will only chrage you £150 to fix with 1 year gaurantee …well worth :blush:

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