New 3000GT VR4 TT owner from Holland


Since yesterday I` am the owner of a 1992 3000GT VR4 TT. I bought the car as a project car. It had no spark at cilinder 2 and 5. I replaced the coils (they came new with the car) but there was still no spark. Now I think the ECU is not working.
In Holland it is not possible to repair the ECU, does anyone know an adress in the UK where the can repair and test the ECU?
Regards Tom

Most people here use

The ECU Doctor Limited

Hemerdon Lodge

Boringdon Road




Phone/Fax 01752 346437

Mobile 07956 542162

mailto:[email protected]

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Welcome to the club.
I have just used the ecu Dr for mine
Great, quick service.

Welcome to the club Tom
Nice to see another owner from abroad :slight_smile:
Pop some pictures up when you get a chance :slight_smile:
You’ll find we are a pretty friendly bunch

Hello again,

Thanks for the advice, I will contact the ECU - Doctor. I let you know if the problem is fixes with a rebuilt ECU. As soon as I made some pictures I will post them here



Before you spend a lot of money getting the ECU looked at, check your PTU. Its a small black plastic component underneath the coils that feeds the signal to them. There is a test for them with a multimeter on here somewhere if you search for it.

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As mentioned check the ptu
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As the others have said ecu doctor is the man


Craig :grinning:

Yesterday I sent my ECU and PTU to the ECU doctor. I hope they can repair them so I can enjoy the car