New 92 TT owner! Few suspension queries and niggles

Hi all, thank you for having me.

Dream come true.

I bought a 1992 TT yesterday and am over the moon with it!

I found the buyers guide on here extremely helpful :smiley:

After a very long day and a 500 mile round trip to Scotland and back, sleeping at a service station and securing the first double sausage and egg McMuffin McDonalds created today - the car is with me near Stoke. :smiley: :smile: :sunny: :blush:

here we go

If anybody knows any history on this car I would love to hear that, spent this year in Glasgow and before that was in Cornwall for a few years apparently.

The car has an has blow off valve, jasma exhaust and ecu. (sounds nice fairly quiet)

With the ECU tune (I still have the factory one), it hasnโ€™t carried over a few of the factory electronic gadgets (ECS and spoiler only goes up and down once, active aero still works well though, was refurbed in 2019).

So I have a question about suspension, the car is sitting very high, what have people done? I am looking at Tein shocks or lowering springs, trying to weigh them up. Any help here would be so great.

I also have a window whistle and have to make sure to push in the tops of the windows when closing, is this relatively normal?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to GTOUK.

Post a picture of your strut tops at the front we we will have a better idea of what shocks are on there then

Thatโ€™s nice to hear theres a another gto in the area Iโ€™m in stoke also.

Hi and welcome, hope you enjoyed every one of the 250 miles in car

Thanks guys! Good to hear thereโ€™s another in the area, here are a few pictures of my top mounts

So you still have ecs struts on the car , there are lower springs you can fit , unless of course the ecs is no longer functioning and you would prefer to swap the lot out

Suspension has been covered loads of times over the years within the forum :+1:

yeah fair comment I will read through the forum, Iโ€™ve read lots so far! any ideas about the window noise if that is common?

Quadrants on the corners of the windows was a common one for wind noise

Welcome to GTOUK , Iโ€™ve not seen this one in Glasgow !

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well you wonโ€™t be seeing it in Glasgow again, for a while at least!

Iโ€™ve spent a long time reading through the forums tonight, yeah it looks like Tein lowering springs are quite common, so I will try them, good price anyway.

As for the wind noise, I will be doing a fair amount of 70mph motorway driving in this car and the noise is actually awful, any known fixes or recommendations please guys?


Its usually the rubbers that wear to be honest
they deform and also can wear more than they look like they have

Or if your feeling brave you can adjust the windows, but i would get the factory manual to guide you and you should be fine just make careful note on what you adjusted and by how much, but i have made them worse messing with them in the past and the only fix was to replace them

Thanks a lot for your advice, that helps so much. Good to know someone else has the issue too, yeah sometimes when I shut the (passenger more so) door the top of the window has a gap to the rubbers.

So what did you replace? The rubbers or something more with the windows? Wouldnโ€™t mind doing that too if I had to