New addition to the events shelter & marquee

Had a little time on my hands today and thought it would be good to get our club out there in lights :wink:



…and that’s exactly where it should be, we WILL win Best Club Stand at JAE 2016, we deserved it last year, I defy anyone to say they have better facilities, equipment, catering, entertainment than ours, so the gloves are off for this year.

Great inspiration @stevie not asked for by anyone, just sorted, that’s Club passion.



Very smart and great idea as a beacon in the dark it will help those staggering back to the stand after the loo in the dark a treat,


I honestly dont think anyone has matched us over the past few years with what we take and hire at JAE , we are and have been by far the best turned out stand for many years , walk around the show and some stands are just a few cars and a couple of tents , not knocking them as im sure they have a great time but when we pitch up we are a slick looking outfit

The standard of cars is high too ,

Craig :slightly_smiling:


Also Craig, it’s amazing how many others want to come and enjoy our party. I think they’re jealous, and that sign, well, keep your eye on it Stevie, would look good in the garage I’m building :heart_eyes:

Terry :sunglasses: